Refund/Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Subscription cancellation policy

Once the monthly/yearly subscription fee has been charged at the start of a new billing cycle, you have 7 working days from the start of your first paid billing cycle to cancel your subscription for a refund.

If you don’t cancel within the time period eligible for a refund, you won’t be refunded for the billing period during which you cancel.

Free trial cancellation policy

You won’t be billed for trying out Simplexity U during your free trial. The free trial will be automatically cancelled after 30 days and you will loose access to Simplexity U if you do not purchase membership.

What happens when you cancel your subscription

When you cancel your subscription, you can keep using your subscription until the end of the billing period during which you cancel.

When the end of the billing period is over and your subscription is canceled, you won’t be able to access SimplexityU content.

If you subscribe again, you’ll get access to the latest training and resources on creative problem solving.

Refund Policy

You can request a refund, as per the guidelines described in the Simplexity U Terms of Service.